Installation of VirtualBox 5.2.22 on Windows platform

This article describes the installation of VirtualBox 5.2.22 on Windows platform.

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Download Software

Visit VirtualBox official webiste and download required executable file (i.e. VirtualBox-<version>-<revision>-Win.exe). In our case VirtualBox-5.2.22-126460-Win.exe.


Installation Steps

The VirtualBox installation can be started either by double-clicking on its executable file i.e. VirtualBox-<version>-<revision>-Win.exe or or by entering VirtualBox-<version>-<revision>-Win.exe -extract

on the command line. I am trying to install by double-clicking the executable file and the folllowing windows will pop up.





Step-01 Click "Next" once Welcome screen appears  
Step-02 On "Custom Setup" window, select the path where you want to install the softare. I am selecting the default installation location.  
Step-03 Select the appropriate checkboxes  
Step-04 Press "Yes" button  
Step-05 On "Ready to Install" screen, press "Install" button.   
Step-06 Installation will start and you can see the progress on next window.   
Step-07 Once installation finishes, select the checkbox "Start Oracle VM  VirtualBox 5.2.22 after installation" and press "Finish".   
Step-08 The starting screen  of VirtualBox will automatically.

The installer will create a "VirtualBox" group in the Windows "Start" menu which allows you to launch the application and access its documentation.